Eastern Caribbean Glider Work

Check out this short video on our ongoing research in the Eastern Caribbean where we are using gliders to investigate water mass transport and listen for marine mammals:

Here is also a short post from our collaborators within France’s Agoa Marine Sanctuary in the Office of Biodiversity detailing this work.

Antarctic LTER Cruise

In 2021, I spent 7 weeks on the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer for the LTER cruise off the West Antarctic Penninsula. Here’s a cool news story from my alma mater, the University of Delaware.

Comparing Offshore Wind Buoy Data and Glider Data

A BusinessWire.com story on some work we were doing comparing data from a glider deployment conducted within the vicinity of the Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind buoy.

Silbo Podcast

Check out a short podcast I did on Silbo’s journey while I was working for Teledyne Webb Research:

Pitch-90 Competition

I was awarded 3rd place in the University of Delaware’s 2017 Pitch: 90 competition; a fast-paced elevator pitch contest: