I’m a physical oceanographer excited about utilizing my background in industry, science, and engineering to leverage different ocean observing technologies to solve problems of practical and societal importance.

I am presently a PhD candidate in Oceanography in the Center for Ocean Observing Leadership at Rutgers University (RUCOOL) working with Dr. Travis Miles. I am funded by the Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship. My research is focused on the circulation of the tropical Atlantic. I use gliders equipped with a variety of sensors to identify climatically important water masses and quantify the transport of these water masses through the island passages of the Eastern Caribbean.

Prior to coming to Rutgers, I worked as a Customer Support Applications Engineer on Slocum gliders for Teledyne Webb Research. I was primarily involved with testing and developing new glider software features while also supporting customers via remote field campaigns and technical trainings.

I conducted Master’s work at the University of Delaware with Dr. Matt Oliver in the ORB Lab. While at UD, my research investigated sea surface kinetic energy as a proxy for phytoplankton light limitation in the Southern Ocean through the use of SOCCOM floats as well as satellite and modeled parameters.

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My CV can be found here.